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The first hints to the existence of skis are on 4500 to 5000 year old rock drawings at Rødøy in Norway. Skiing evolved gradually from snowshoeing and originally was a practical way of getting from one place to another in the cold winter. Early forms of skiing resembled today's cross-country style.

Sondre Norheim is often called the "father of modern skiing". In the 19th century, Norheim invented bindings that enabled the skier to do turns while skiing down hills. This form of skiing is now referred to as Telemark skiing.

Carving Carving began in Europe with alpine snowboarding at the end of the eighties, before being copied by the ski industry. These new 'shaped' skis combined the torsional stiffness necessary for precision and good edge grip, with the longitudinal flexibility that makes turning easier. And so 'carving skis' were born...
A carve turn happens when the skis shifts to one side or the other on its edges and lets the ski turn itself driven by the sidecut geometry while not losing any speed, as happens in a normal parallel turn.

Carving is fun, carving is speed, and you will be missing out if you don't try it. You will need two things to succeed on the slopes: right skis and right technique.

Carving Samnaun Carving Samnaun
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